Vids I have made, for your downloading convenience. You can find out more information about each vid at my dreamwidth journal. Other places you can find my fanworks (including fic and podfic): Archive Of Our Own and the audiofic archive. Many thanks to settiai for the web space! <3

Contact: such.heights at gmail dot com

My Vids

Vids ordered by fandom then chronologically (most recent at top). More recent vids come with a soft subtitle file - if the vid and srt files have the same name and are in the same folder, players like VLC should add the subtitles automatically.

Avatar: the Last Airbender

Bad Romance | subtitle file | notes & feedback (February 2011)

Azula/Mai/Ty Lee, a vid for glass_icarus in the first White Lotus Lunar New Year Exchange.

Around Us | subtitle file | notes & feedback (February 2011)

A:tLA ensemble, a vid for reflectedeve in the first White Lotus Lunar New Year Exchange

Avengers / Marvel Cinematic Universe

Counting Stars | notes & feedback (June 2014)

Vidukon Premiere. Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.

Flyweight Love | notes & feedback (August 2012)

Jane/Thor. "She likens it to a kite; it flies higher when a longer length of string is unleashed."

Raise Your Glass | notes & feedback (October 2013)

Ensemble. What part of party don't you understand?

Call Me Maybe | subtitle file | notes & feedback (August 2012)


A Circus of Heartbreakin' Divas | subtitle file | notes & feedback (June 2012)

Ensemble, made with cam footage

Battlestar Galactica

Temple of Love | subtitle file | notes & feedback (December 2010)

Made for enigel as part of the ao3vidders auction.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Level Up | notes & feedback (July 2014)

"I always think, 'What would Buffy do?' You're my hero."

Can't Go Back Now | subtitle file | notes & feedback (December 2012)

Willow, s1 - 4, made for purplefringe


Don't Stop, Just Dance | subtitle file | notes & feedback (November 2011)


Doctor Who

Between | notes & feedback (April 2015)

And the third one between replaces what once was love. Clara, the Doctor, and Danny in series eight.

Blank Space | made with purplefringe | notes and feedback (November 2014)

Doctor/Master. So it's gonna be forever and it's gonna go down in flames.

The Magic Position | notes and feedback (September 2013)

Amy/Rory. Who is the one who leads me on through? It's you.

Hammerhead | notes and feedback (May 2013)

Martha Jones. Prove 'em wrong, girl.

England | subtitle file | notes and feedback (May 2013)

The companions.

Month of Ponds: episodic vids made during series 7a (September 2012)

I am destroyer I am lover (7x01) | subtitle file | notes & feedback

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (7x02) | subtitle file | notes & feedback

As Cold As It Gets (7x03) | subtitle file | notes & feedback

Sunday (7x04) | subtitle file | notes & feedback

Enough To Go By | notes & feedback (August 2012)

Amy & Eleven, Rory, River

Another Girl, Another Planet | subtitle file | notes & feedback (December 2011)

Ace McShane, for festivids

Love is Cool (made with purplefringe) | subtitle file | notes & feedback (December 2011)

Team Eleven

Glósóli (made with purplefringe) | notes & feedback (October 2011)

Team Eleven

Brighter Than Sunflowers | subtitle file | notes & feedback (July 2011)

Amy, the Doctor, Vincent, episodic for 5x10

Howl (made with purplefringe) | subtitle file | notes & feedback (June 2011)

Amy, Rory, River, made after 6x07

Suzanne | subtitle file | notes & feedback (June 2011)

Doctor/TARDIS, 1963 - 2011

Strict Machine | subtitle file | notes & feedback (May 2011)

River, made after 6x02

Blue Caravan | subtitle file | notes & feedback (May 2011)

Amy/Doctor, Amy/Rory, series 5

Five Years' Time | subtitle file | notes & feedback (January 2011)

Amy/Rory, series 5

Lullaby For A Stormy Night | notes & feedback (July 2010)

bb Amelia Pond, series 5

Call Me Uprising | notes & feedback (June 2010)

Amy & Eleven, series 5

Pull Shapes | notes & feedback (February 2010)

Rose, a vidlet for halfamoon

Begin (v 2.0) | notes & feedback (June 2009)

Martha; a remaking of an early vid.

Oh What A World | notes & feedback (January 2009)

Tenth Doctor

Love Is All You Need | notes & feedback (August 2008)



My Secret | notes & feedback (October 2013)

Joan Watson, S1


Made Up Love Song #43 | notes & feedback

Kaylee, ensemble


Get Lucky | notes and feedback

Signin' in the Rain, Festivids 2014

She Keeps Me Warm | notes and feedback

Saving Face, Festivids 2014

The Hardest of Hearts | notes & feedback

Maleficent, Festivids 2014

Do My Thing | notes & feedback

Bend it Like Beckham, Festivids 2013

The Breaking Light| notes & feedback

Raleigh, Mako, Stacker. Let your lion heart cleave the waves.

In Our Bedroom After The War |

Goodbye, Lenin!

Float On | subtitle file | notes & feedback

Finding Nemo

Of Monsters and Heroes and Men | notes & feedback

Gladiator, for festivids

Falling Is Like this | notes & feedback

Imagine Me and You

Maximus Overture | notes & feedback

Maximus, Flynn ; Tangled

Legend of the Seeker

Trouble | subtitle file | notes & feedback



Antebellum | subtitle file | notes & feedback

Gwen/Morgana, s1 - 3

Fresh Feeling | subtitle file | notes & feedback


Backseat | subtitle file | notes & feedback

Episodic for 3x01/3x02

Is It Really So Strange? | notes & feedback


Bad Romance | notes & feedback

Morgana/Morgause, Morgana/Gwen

Handlebars | notes & feedback

Merlin, Arthur

Night At The Opera | notes & feedback


The Book Of Love | notes & feedback



The Skins | subtitle file | notes & feedback

Doppelgangers and parallel universes and robots, oh my!

Tightrope | subtitle file | notes & feedback

For halfamoon.

Take Me Home | subtitle file | notes & feedback

Femslash dance vid for CVV.

Many Hands | notes &feedback

For kink_bingo

Glorious | subtitle file | notes & feedback

For halfamoon.

Star Trek

We Go Together | notes & feedback

Star Trek XI; ensemble.


The Good Old Days | notes & feedback


Brianstorm | notes & feedback


Butterflies & Hurricanes | notes & feedback


Dance Commander | notes & feedback


Tristan | notes & feedback


Video Games

All Star | notes & feedback

LEGO Lord of the Rings, Festivids 2013.


A Hundred Happy Things (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, written by busaikko)

All Dressed Up (Doctor Who, Amy/Eleven/Rory, written by kass)

All The King's Horses (Doctor Who, Ten, Donna, written by lindenharp)

All The Umbrellas In London (Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, written by me)

Stark, A.E., and Banner, R. Bruce. (2013). "Biodosimetric Tools for Measuring Induced Isomeric Transition in Inverted Paired States."
International Journal of Radiation Biology 89.9, 43-85
(Avengers, Bruce/Tony, written by thingswithwings)

How We've Grown (Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, written by me)

Gus Goes For The Gold Star (Psych, Gus/Shawn, written by liviapenn)

In An Interstellar Burst (Doctor Who, Rose/Martha, Donna, written by me)

Oil Paintings (Merlin, Gwen/Morgana, written by skellerbvvt)

No Place Like Home (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, written by argosy)

Quantum Equilibrium (Doctor Who, Amy/Eleven/Rory, written by pocketmouse)

Stealing Time (Doctor Who, Amy/Rory, Eleven/River, written by me)

Stories We Tell Our Children (Doctor Who, Amy, Eleven, River, Rory, written by calamine)

The History of Two Conversations (On Paper) (Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, written by takadainmate)

This Is (Probably) Perfectly Normal (Doctor Who, Doctor/River, written by netgirl_y2k)

Two Steps Back (Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, written by me)